Formal mumbo-jumbo

Whether you are an artist, small business owner or The Superman, you would not only want more people to know you but to love you for what you do.

Unfortunately, having a mere Fan Page is not enough. You would like to express yourself, showcase yourself, communicate with your fans.

Fortunately, Social Munkee is here.

Social Munkee is a collection of free Facebook Apps for Branding, Fan Building, Engagement etc. etc.

Best Part? It's all Free!

A Short Story

One day, Munkee was looking for quality social apps for one of his clients.

He travelled all over the Internet looking for one. Apps which were free, sucked big time! And those which were good, were too costly.

That was the day, he decided to make a difference. He took and oath to serve people.

He Became Social Munkee!

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